“These lands are our burden and our reward”

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Costume requirements:

Wardens can be identified by the green makeup around their eyes, as well as the flora incorporated or even growing on them from grafts which grant them the various abilities gained through their botanical magical affinity.

General summary:

Proud watchers and self-appointed guardians of the Seal, their entire lives are spent in service. From the time they are born with their essence from the Great Tree, to their first graft ceremony where a seed from the Great Tree is grafted into the base of their neck to anchor their power and tie them forever directly to the Great Tree itself and by extension to the protection of the entire world. This is what it means to be a Warden.

From the moment they can walk, they begin their training, guided by their family, friends, and community, young Wardens learn many lessons:  tenets of knowledge they will always follow throughout their life, knowledge that will keep them alive and help them conduct their duties.   Wardens study, observe and document all they see of the world and everything they experience as diligently as they practice their combat exercises. For knowledge is also a weapon as sharp as any blade.

Once Young Wardens complete their studies, they are given their initial assignment of guarding the Seal Gates. This time of service is a trial designed to test and prove a young Warden as well as to develop strengths to later determine their reassignment to special units if they happen to show any aptitude.  However this duty remains an honor to all Wardens no matter how veteran they may be, as life is always a priority to protect along with the Seal entries and preventing any vulnerabilities or attempts to destroy or weaken the gates.

Wardens serve their entire lives as warriors, as scholars, as healers, as protectors. They even guard and protect those cast off or released from the divines. During this time they may call on others to serve to return the debt, some may choose to help and they are remembered and will be able to call on the Wardens as an ally, but those that decline will fade into history and may find themselves in the shadows.

After the initial creation of the Seal, temporary peace had been restored amidst the warring factions, but then people were thrown through the gates once again from the outside world. This gave the etherials new vessels, and the war was renewed. Other creatures, monstrous creations and all other humanoid refuse from the outside world also began to be tossed in as if the Seal had become the dumpsite for everything the outsiders feared, misunderstood or simply found in their way. Motivations of these newcomers are never trustworthy. Only other Wardens are welcomed, only their intentions can be pure.

Wardens are driven by duty and service to the land itself. Between times of assisting and reeducating newcomers to the Seal, battling divines, driving back the Wickermen or striving to learn about and heal the land, there is always a job to be done, and a Warden there to do it.