“We were born as slaves, but here in this new world, we have found freedom!”

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Costume requirements:

Trumar can be identified by their extra long ears, collars and tend to show colors or markings for which element that they were born to as well as clothing associated with their purpose and duties of service under their previous imperial masters.

General summary:

Born to slavery and designed to be the perfect, submissive servant and accessory for the imperial household, the Trumar were created to fill the ever increasing need for manual labor in a decaying world after the Revenant wars.  They live in fear of reprisal and driven by necessity to please their masters to survive trapped and labeled by the collars they wear, even if only to maintain their existence. This is what it means to be a Trumar.

Invented through a cruel twist of fate by an enterprising Wizard, The Trumar are an amalgamation of a pure elemental for its raw power, a canine for its obedience and loyalty, and human for resourcefulness and adaptability as well as the need to communicate with its imperial masters. But this combination, even though successful, turned out to be highly unstable. This is why this Wizard also invented a collar which serves to stabilize the form and essence of the Trumar into one being for its entire life, as well as to remind them of their purpose.

Due to being possessions of the imperials, from birth a Trumar is fitted with their stabilizing collar and then taken to be raised by a family community of other Trumar so that they do not bond directly with their birth parents and also to prevent these bonds from exceeding the symbiotic bonds with the Masters.  However, also due to this practice, all Trumar consider each other family.

Community life becomes the way of things for the Trumar, maturing quickly and having short life spans it is rare for older individuals to exist, in this way all Trumar know each other as brother and sister, and when the rarity does occur, the elder Trumar are revered and called Mother/Father or in the extreme circumstances even Grandmother or Grandfather. These elders are always treated with respect and are often sought for advice or leadership known as the Shepherd, especially to protect the community when dealing with the Imperials during their daily life of servitude.

One aspect of Trumar life that all must take into account is the imperial oath bond. This bond is inherent to the very essence of a Trumar. Created to serve, without it a Trumar can become severely ill and even driven to a state of madness that many call “The Rage”. The Rage is a state of insanity that is difficult if not impossible to return from and turns the Trumar into a truly feral creature, dangerous and driven by instinct. It is rumored that there is some sort of herb that can be taken that will keep off the Rage, but most Trumar believe this is fake.

Overall, due to their creation and instilled and constantly trained purpose drives them to serve their Imperial masters, it is constantly a love/hate relationship. The need to survive and be provided for, the disgust and degradation of being required to serve, never to know true freedom or acknowledged as an individual and not as a pet, this existence motivates the Trumar to cherish what they do have within their community family, to mourn or celebrate moments of loss and fond memory, to truly live, with what they have to share with their brothers and sisters, to truly serve those they care for as family and to dream of a day when all may be truly free.