“The Light is pure, our fires burn bright and the truth is all we speak. May the Dark Ones quake at our passing.”

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Costume requirements:

Seraph can be identified by the sun mark around one of their eyes. This needs to be either white or yellow and MUST be visible. Highlighting colors will help make sure it stays visible. Typically any designs are very ordered and symmetrical.

General summary:

Protected by the light within and armed with weapons of fire, the war wages on.  Constant battles fought by creatures of light to defeat the darkness and restore balance and order to the world. Stalwart warriors fighting with such prowess that legends and epic stories are written about them, fading as the light leaves to form lingering memories of another time as they awake, reborn a new being. This is what it is to be a Seraph, at least that is what everyone thinks of them.

No recollection of what or who they were from before their bond with an Archon, and only lingering memories and sensations of what they had become during the bond, now left only with what they have become. A new being with a new existence changed forever.

Seraph, created from a fallen Archon as they leave a shard of their Essence behind to heal their vessel, this process changes them forever, leaving behind a bit of themselves allowing the Seraph to always call upon the light to protect them in times of need. This is most evident when a Seraph reaches inside of themselves to summon their divine weapon. Drawn from the light within, this manifests as a weapon formed of fire pure and bright to fight the darkness and keep evil at bay.

This moment when the bond is broken, the transformation leaves the newly created Seraph without any knowledge of their past, and in this state, they find themselves within the Seal, forced to forge a new existence. When found, they are taken under the wing and tutelage of the Wardens in order to teach them how to control their newfound abilities and to instruct them about their new world as they will come to know it.

Some Seraph may come to accept this new fate as a new challenge, while others may resent the broken bond or even feel unworthy. Whatever their motivations and  their view of their new beginnings, all Seraph have a natural sense of loyalty to each other and can always be relied upon to come to the aid of a fellow Seraph even as they choose new communities to settle with.

Due to the lack of history, Seraph will adopt the practices and belief systems of communities that they choose to settle with. Most Seraph will still decide to remain separate, especially due to the fact that Seraph cannot lie. This trait tends to make high society occasionally awkward or can lend to difficult social interactions, especially when even the right combination of small truths can be misleading.

Overall, Seraph, regardless of the direction they choose for their new lives, and apart from new beliefs, still strive to restore balance, and feel the healing fires of the sun as it continues to course through their veins, forever feeling the influence of their inner light, and the shard of essence of the Archon who created them.