“Do not confuse me for a nihilist; it is not that I do not believe there can be value in life, simply that I have lost all of the things I valued.”

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Costume requirements:

Inani can be identified by the presence of horns and the red makeup around eyes.  Some have scarring or other telltale marks from the torture they endured before becoming overtaken by a Fiend.  It’s rumored that the more powerful the Fiend was the more inhuman they appear.

General summary:

Tortured and broken, everything they valued or cherished stolen from them, leaving them unprotected, yearning for an end, but left to be overtaken by a Fiend. The Fiend, a dark divine being that is so evil and driven to the destruction of the human race that ghost stories and nightmares are told about them, but we all wake up eventually if one is lucky enough. Left with a searing pain, and a sense of smoldering hatred, shattered as the Fiend is driven out of them, they awake, reborn a new being. This is what it is to be an Inani; at least that is what everyone thinks of them.

No recollection of what or who they were from before their domination by a Fiend, and only lingering imprints of sensations of what they had become during the possession, now left only with what they have become. A new being with a new existence changed forever.

Inanis, created from the forced removal of a Fiend, starting their new life as a broken vessel, they still retain a piece of the Fiends essence, it’s craving for destruction and to inflict suffering. Without the knowledge and empowerment of who they once were, and the lingering pain of what they have become, Inanis maintain a relatively muted emotional state. The value of their own life and positive emotions no longer seem to affect them the same way, while greater stresses seem to strike a match to ignite memories of their pain, tormenting them even still.

In this new state of existence, the Inanis find themselves within the Seal, forced to survive, to eke out a new way of life. When found, they are taken under the wing and tutelage of the Wardens in order to teach them how to manipulate their newfound abilities and to instruct them about their new world as they will come to know it. In this effort the Wardens take extreme care as they do not want the Inanis to become shades of their previous possessed state or to embrace their darker tendencies without control.

Due to the lack of history, Inanis will adopt the practices and belief systems of communities that they choose to settle with. Most Inani will still decide to remain separate, especially due to the fact that Inani cannot feel emotions as a normal person does. This trait tends to make social interactions difficult or can lend to awkward situations

In this fashion some Inani may come to accept this new state of being or even revel in it, while others may resent the loss of what was and vow to hunt down any that ally with their tormentors. Whatever their motivations and  their view of their new beginnings, all Inanis have an unnerving  need for destruction in some form. This is the only time they truly feel like themselves, amidst the moments of pretending to care for the benefit of their adopted community.

Overall, Inani, regardless of the direction they choose for their new lives, and apart from new beliefs, still strive to live a normal life, they secretly yearn to feel the way they used to or to relearn their past even when it causes them even more torment. In the end, they all find joy in returning the favor whenever they run into any Fiend, payback can be brutal, especially when it’s premeditated.