We are the rightful lords of Karn, all others should kneel before us.”



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Imperial citizens have conquered almost all of Karn. The Empire of Marati houses several different peoples, all former nations once crushed under the might of the Emperor’s army.

  • Bassira– The Northern region prone to harsh winters and sturdy logical folk.
  • Ria– The South Western region home to large islands and deep oceans.
  • Ralicus– The West region home to harsh jungles and contested territory.
  • Lucitius– The most arid region of the Empire, home to many of the wealthy and those who serve them.
  • Dominus– The center of the empire, home to the Senate and the most “civilized” of all regions.
  • Cilaria– This region was mostly swallowed by the Great Seal, the few remaining lands are home to those engaged in criminal black markets

No matter what region you hail from Imperial citizens are known to favor wealth, power, and prone to hubris. Many citizens see it as their duty to serve their family in its various affairs in the world.

Even the regions outside of Dominus have over time accepted the magic and comfort provided by the great sorcerer artificers. Things most people in the Seal struggle with (clean water, food preservation, travel) are relatively easy for those who call the Empire home. Even the minimalistic communities in Bassira and Ralicus are far better off than any denizen of the Seal.

As the Empire grew so did the Church of Light. The largest faith in the Empire centers on worship of the Sun, with worship of the Moon a far second, and while worship of the Abyss is not illegal few dare to do it in the open.


The last thing to remember about the Imperial’s is the reason they are cast into the Seal. ALL Imperials who have been cast in the Seal have been done so because they are considered criminals. Each time they are marked with the symbol of their crime with a special magical tattoo that will pass on even to their descendants. It doesn’t matter their station, from farmer to senator they are all threated the same within the Seal. Because the criminals are cast into the Seal like trash it has been ‘easy’ to get rid of rivals or those who pose a threat to those who run the Empire. This has lead to considerable corruption but all those who would rise up against it have long since been cast into the seal, all that’s left is the sheep who follow were the wolves point.

Costume Requirements
An Imperial citizen within the seal will must have a facial Tattoo that marks the crime they committed. Those symbols are found in the racial packet on the Banished Webpage.  Additional ancient Roman or Egyptian costuming is recommended but not required.