“Trust your instincts…instincts never lie.”

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Costume requirements:

When in their natural form Erubi can be identified by their animal features and makeup. These will also make it obvious to tell which species the Erubi originated from. However, when their true nature is fully suppressed the Erubi will appear as a normal human being.

General summary:

Wild, Free and untamed, these denizens of the natural world thrived and excelled in their element representing traits of hunting prowess, resourcefulness, wisdom, and the lack of bias along with the sheer joy of simply living. Making choices as they were needed, not for reason but just because that’s the way things are, Kill or be killed, survival of the ones best equipped for the task. This is also the reason that they were selected by the Erune as their vessels.  Fully manifesting their chaotic nature, the Erune chose creatures of the natural world that best suited their own natures and needs for the moments and as such, remain in tune with the ones they’ve touched and reformed in case they may need to call upon them again. In this manner, released from their duty, they awake, wild things reborn a new being. This is what it is to be an Erubi; at least that is what everyone thinks of them.

Alone of the ethereals, the Erubi retain their memories, as well as their connection to their Erune remaining in tune with their ethereal in case they are called upon to serve once again as a vessel. It is their new way of life and what they have become. A new being with a new existence changed forever.

Erubi, created from the merge with an Erune, started life as an animal. Once chosen they were reformed to resemble humanoids in order to combat the fiends during the war. Along with their instincts and traits retained from their previous forms, be it courage and wisdom or wit and cunning, they are also marked by features of their still wild brothers and sisters, such as tooth and claw, feather or fur, dependent on their species.

In this new form, the Erubi find themselves within the Seal, where they continue to adapt and survive. When found, they are taken under the wing and tutelage of the Wardens in order to teach them how to manipulate their newfound abilities and to instruct them about their new world as they will come to know it and how to live with the human population and other eccentricities.

Due to the lack of history in the traditional sense, Erubi tend to stick together outside of main human civilizations as their unique “other” viewpoint and sense of what matters can cause tension or awkward situations. For they still listen to the voice of their instincts, they really just don’t seem to care about things the same way as most humans. Their motives remain mysterious and unpredictable, especially since they still feel the pull of the moon and their Erune’s voice, they are seen as seemingly unreliable to most of the rest of the population within the Seal.

However, if one thing is certain, if you ever create a bond of trust with an Erune, you can trust them with your life, even the Erune who shares their memories when bonded, usually respects the blood oath. Unless that bond was ever broken, in that case, one might find themselves on the wrong side of the Great Hunt when the time comes. And they always find their prey.