“This curse does not define who we are, only what we have become. We will endure…forever.”

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Costume requirements:

An effigy can be identified by their porcelain doll-like makeup and costuming reflecting the materials of the construct they are trapped within made of straw, metal, wood and porcelain.

General summary:

Stolen from their homes, imprisoned, experimented on, these once happy villagers were captured and then turned into something else created from pain and sorcery in darkness to become the tormented creations they are now. The Effigy endure forever as trapped souls within constructs of straw, metal, wood and porcelain, powered by gems and unknown alchemy fueled by dark magicks for eternity. Seen as shattered, broken, and constantly striving to become the flesh and blood beings they once were…to be truly freed from this horror…This is what it is to be an Effigy; at least that is what everyone thinks of them.

The Effigy were once normal, happy people from three villages in the Empire. They lived simply, worked hard, and were content…until the night they were taken by force by the Evil Sorceress Maruna’s twisted creations. They became the newest edition to her collection…her “toys.” The ones fortunate enough to retain their own free will and not succumb to her mindless worship became the focus of her obsession in her quest for eternal life. Many escaped, but then only being seen as abominations were either initially destroyed or left to be cast into the Seal by the Imperials.

Now they survive, enduring for eternity, searching for a way to break the sorcery which keeps them trapped within the confines of the construct. A living doll, a freak of nature, a monster, never able to feel, or taste or smell ever again, this form has become their prison, which most have come to see with irony in comparison with the Great Seal itself.  In this state, Effigy try to fit in wherever they can as they still are the villager inside, but eventually tend  to remain solitary or form communities with others like themselves who may share or in the least understand their pain, or not remind them of what they are missing.

In the seal, the Effigy still feel the pull of Maruna’s magic and the edge of her control as she too lives within the seal continuing her experiments on creatures of all kinds, creating new monstrosities of all shapes and sizes to satisfy all of her own twisted needs for complete power. Fighting the urge to become one of her mindless slaves, most still exist trying to come to terms with what they are. Regret, Anger, and Resignation are very common while a precious few have accepted what they are and try to move on while still feeling daily the pain of the loss of what they once had. Always reminded of what they can never do again until the magic holding them together is unraveled, the inability to feel the warmth of the sun, a gentle kiss, taste food and drink, smell the flowers, everything a constant fond memory of what lost was laced with regret and anguish.

In this constant internal struggle, the Effigy have come to find out how to modify their new form, creating enhancements to improve their own natural abilities. This comes in handy as they find new functions within the communities of the Seal as well as in their fight against Maruna herself. Overall, becoming as truly adaptable and enduring in both spirit and physical form.