Life is not so important when forced to choose between life and integrity.”

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Costume requirements:

Dragonlords are known for the tattooed scales on the sides of their face.  The more scales that are present the more honor their family has, the more honor their family has the more that is expected of them.  These scales are uniform in color with a few exception, the color of these scales each represent something different.

Dragonlords are based heavily on Chinese and Japanese cultures.  As such they tend to dress in ancient Asian attire.

General summary:

Dragonlords are humans, just like Imperials but they hold a very different culture.  Their culture is based primarily the Code of the Dragon, these 7 Tenants which represent courage, courtesy, duty, honesty, compassion, sincerity, and honor.  This code is seen in all aspects of their life and is seen in most of their actions.  It is because of this many Imperial’s view the Dragonlords as rigid and archaic, but the Dragonlords don’t care.

Dragonlords come from a kingdom known as Tatsuoku, are in a state of constant war with the Imperial’s who are stationed on their borders.   While there is an armistice, the two nations have never truly reconciled.

Another major aspect of the Dragonlords is the animals they have tamed known as dragons.  These upright reptilians are used as beasts of burden as well as mounts.  Imperials would say they are pets but such words infuriates the Dragonlords.  These animals have given the Dragonlords considerable military power not to mention that every last man, woman, and child within the kingdom is constantly training for war.

While the Imperials send their criminals and those they don’t want into the Seal, the Dragonlords take a different approach.  This people believe that the Fiends have taken something from them and as such they continue a war against them, each sending their second born into the Seal as a soldier.  Technically all those who go in are volunteers, but no family would accept a child who would turn his back on his families obligation, and so those born knowing their fate are treated with great respect and are constantly prepared for what is coming before them.